This is the story of a writer’s final attempt to capture the words and memories, both touching and comedic, of a relationship that ended all too soon.


God and Vodka is a drama/comedy shot in Maryland, Virginia, and California. This humorous and deeply touching short film, starring Daniel Stine and Emma Reaves, screened in more than 30 film festivals and garnered two dozen awards in multiple categories, including Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and several acting commendations. God and Vodka is a collaboration between Rushaway Pictures and Solo Journey Productions and represents the first of three films teaming Writer/Director Daniel Stine with Cinematographer Pedro Ciampolini.

Daniel-Thanksgiving (1)

Daniel Stine


DPP_0103 2

Pedro Ciampolini


The Cast

380815_299613686757935_758383562_n (2)

Emma Reaves

as Evelyn


Daniel Stine

as Ben

Featuring Music by Andrew Bird